(no remixes and Sophie as guest vocalist on other producers releases are mentioned here):

Hayce — Underneath the Floor, Memento Materia 1999. Sophie's first album, here she called herself Hayce, and she had guest musicians with her. The music style was trip-pop.

Sophie Rimheden — Electric Ladyland (V/A), Mille Plateaux 2001. The first time Sophie releases a song under her own name. On the song Don't Follow she mixes r'n'b and glitch music.

Hayce — Circle 0 (V/A), Fylkingen Records 2002. Sophie participates with an instrumental song called Cadillac, under the name Hayce.

Sophie Rimheden — ElectriXmas (V/A), 2002. The first sampler from the album Hi-Fi, the song Stranger (an extended version of Strange). Here a compilation from the annual Christmas party ElectriXmas in Lund, Sweden, 2002-12-21.

Ban Ham — Nattskift (V/A), Flora & Fauna 2003. The first song, Food, released under Sophie's alias Ban Ham.

Sophie Rimheden — Hi-Fi, Mitek 2003. The first album under her own name. The album got several nominations (2 P3 guld, Grammis, Manifest, SAMA), and won the Manifest price as the best Postrock/Electronica album of 2003.

Sophie Rimheden — Mitek: Process (V/A), Mitek 2003. A compilation where all Mitek artists shared their samples and made own songs. Sophie participates with the song Wild at Heart.

Sophie Rimheden — IC1, The Birth of Industrial Cool (V/A), 23Hz 2004. A compilation based on sounds from the Arlöv sugar refinery and the Örtofta sugar mill. Sophie has the song Expectation included here.

Sophie Rimheden — Wanting + Hold me (mp3), Race Will Begin 2004. A free mp3 single.

Sophie Rimheden — Into Night EP, Ssschuitt 2004. A CDEP with four exclusive tracks.

Sophie Rimheden — Miss, Svedjebruk 2004. The second album under her own name. This one also got a few nominations (2 Manifest + 2 SAMA).

Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo — Electropop Heroes (V/A), Memento Materia. The first release together with the producer Håkan Lidbo — the cover of the old Tears for Fears song Shout, here on a compilation.

Sophie Rimheden — Sleep (radio edit) + Sleep (awake mix) (mp3), Race Will Begin 2004. The second free mp3 single.

Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo — Shout, Memento Materia 2004. A CDEP with original mix, remixes and one own song Beat of the Night.

Sophie Rimheden — Terrazza Marthini (V/A), Autonomen Records 2004. An Italian compilation, Sophie participates with the song Reality.

Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo (V/A) — Alla Tiders Melodifestival, Universal Music AB 2005. A Swedish compilation with covers of Swedish songs from the Eurovision Contest through the years. Sophie & Håkan participates with the Carola song Främling.

Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo — Främling, Subspace Communications 2005. A CDEP release of the Carola song Främling. Sophie has produced the vocals, and Håkan has produced the music and came up with the main idea.

Sophie Rimheden — Red Line EP, Ssschuitt 2005. A CDEP with only one track in three different parts, and it also contains a music video by Harvest Light.

Sophie Rimheden Sophie Rimheden, third album released on her own label SRP (Sophie Rimheden Productions), 2005. Three mp3 singles - Can You Save Me? (feat. Annika Holmberg), Queen of the Night, and Days Go By (feat. Marit Bergman) was released 2005/2006, and will be found on — www.klicktrack.com. The singles contains great remixes!.

Sophie Rimheden & Annika Holmberg My Madness was released November 2006, www.klicktrack.com

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